New Guest Blog Post for Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

I guest wrote a wee blog post for Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, about the different ways I present my designs to clients. Getting our ideas across clearly is a really important part of our customer service, and clearly indicating the designs you are proposing gets things off to a good start. To read the blog post click here. To go along with the blog, I drew up some blank tiered cake templates which are available for download on my Facebook page - just click here to find the album of templates, save them off, and print them as many times as you need! Janette x Read the blog post here: Find the templates here:

Featured in Edible Artists Network Magazine!

Our Birthday Mischief Managed collaboration features in the Edible Artists Network Magazine Fall issue!!!! Go grab yourself a BARGAIN using this discount code (see photo) especially for you guys!! How fantastic is that!! Click here to register for the discount. HUGE thanks and hugs to our top-notch Headmistress Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies for the CRAZY amount of work, heart and soul, she's put into the group xxx Janette x

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