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The Cake & Bake Show London 2015

I was invited by the Cake & Bake Show to exhibit at their London Earl's Court show in November. The suggested theme was Halloween, so I jumped at the chance to push myself and create something different to my usual cake themes. I created three pieces specifically for the show, one themed on the characters from the animated film Hotel Transylvannia, one with some rather scary vintage toys, and the third piece was a full size Witch's head complete with a slimy toad.

Then it was a case of packing the car and high-tailing it down to London with a couple of fabulous friends who had offered to come along as support. And co-drivers. And bag carriers. And minders... (I'm not exactly a city girl, I think they were concerned I might not manage by myself!!! And they might have been right!)

We spent a fantastic few days at the show, I met some lovely new cakey friends, and probably ate my own bodyweight in meringues and other yummy goodies from all the amazing stands. A great experience and I look forward to visiting another cake show soon!

Janette x


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