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New Harry Potter Collaboration

To celebrate the Birthdays of Harry Potter and JK Rowling, a group of cake artists got together, just for fun, to create an amazing collection of Harry Potter inspired cakes, cookies and sugarcraft. This is my cake, Buckbeak Birthday Cake Delivery Service! Buckbeak the Hippogriff stood around 16" at the top of his head.

The super-fun part of this collaboration was that our kids were invited to join in too!! My three were all up for the challenge and set about designing and creating their pieces in a flash. In fact, they were finished before I was! So proud of them. Here are their pieces - Rat by my youngest age 4, Owl by my middle child age 7, Hermione by my eldest age 9.

Check out the amazing Birthday Mischief website here to see all the pieces, and some other fun stuff too.

Janette x

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